Stacey is a researcher, writer, educator, and sound artist. She earned a Master’s and PhD  in Language, Culture, and Teaching from the Faculty of Education at York University (Toronto, ON, Canada) and a B.Ed from University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB, Canada). Since 2016, she has been conducting ethnographic research. She is currently what Elliott & Culhane (2017) term as “a different kind of ethnographer” as she embarks on sonic and performative ethnographic methodology . She is interested in research that is co-created with her participants and collaboratively performed or disseminated. She also draws on autoethnographic and duoethnographic methodologies in order to write about self within culture and engage in dialogues with others about the cultures we are immersed in.

As a SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada) Insight Development Grant (2021-2023) recipient, Stacey is conducting sonic and performative ethnographic research for her project titledToward a Sound Pedagogy: A Sonic and Performative Ethnography of ‘Sound Healers’ in Canada. She is an Appointed Academic Colleague at the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada) in the Faculty of Education, Department of Secondary Education. She is also an instructor at varying post-secondary institutes, teaching courses in varying faculties including Media, Arts, and Performance and Communications. She began her career as an English language educator in Canada, Japan, and Korea. Stacey is also a research associate with IICSI (International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation) and and affiliate of RISC (Regina Improvisation Studies Centre).

As a gong-sound artist, Stacey regularly engages in improvisation and collaborations with local, national, and international musicians, performers, and teachers. From 2020, she has performed at local and international festivals online with the Remotions (a multiplay collective; online improvisation with musicians and artists). Her largest collaboration as a sound artist was in London, UK, where she participated with 194 international gong players for the Guinness World Record of players in a synchronized gong composition. Bazing!

Since 2014, she has also taught meditation and yoga. She is certified to teach kundalini yoga/meditation and restorative yoga and draws on engaged mindfulness practices and teachers such as Thich Nhat Hanh and Rev. angel Kyodo williams. She also teaches the basic theory and practice in the Art of Gong. She continues her learning about gong as a symphonic percussion instrument and a modern tool for resonant health.

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