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S.A. (Stacey) Bliss holds a PhD from the Faculty of Education at York University and is a SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada) postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Regina. She has been an educator (EAL, literacy, English) in Canada, Japan, and Korea for over 25 years. Since 2014, she has also taught Yoga (Kundalini and Restorative) and learned about the Gong (a symphonic percussion instrument & holistic resonant tool). In 2017, she began ethnographically studying with yogis and Gong players, and she continues to explore Sound Studies in education.

In her PhD dissertation, towards efforts to better understand the relationship between well-being of self and interconnection with others, her research focus is on educators’ yoga and meditation-based practices across cultures in Chile, Canada, and India. Focusing on educators’ micro-level networks of relationships in their classroom and personal environments, S.A. observes how yoga is conceptualized and communicated by the educators – how yoga is lived, off of the mat and outside of yoga studios. Her primary research question is:

How can mindfulness-based practices (such as meditation and yoga) be understood as socially situated literacy, and what role can these practices play in transforming knowledge of individualized selves into interconnectedness with others?

When S.A. is not doing research, writing, or teaching, you will find her diving deeply into sound and silence, as well as playing symphonic and planetary Gongs wherever she travels. In her research journey, she has played alongside Gong Masters in North America, India, China, and the U.K.. In August 2018, she participated with 194 international Gong players for the Guinness World Record of players in a synchronized Gong composition.


Offerings by S.A. Bliss:

  • Lectures and facilitates classes and workshops on multiliteracies, ethnographic research, sound studies in education;
  • Collaborates with researchers and scholars;
  • Conducts Gong Baths (sound immersions) & Gong-related Trainings and Workshops in Canada and international locations;
  • Facilitates sessions of Gong meditations, yoga-with-Gong classes – for studios, groups, or individuals;
  • Attends your special events with Gong – for groups and individuals;
  • Offers consultancy for yoga studios to enhance programs and schedules with Gong in collaboration with yoga teachers;
  • Collaborates with Indigenous groups and individuals;
  • Curates Concerts for Humanity – in collaboration with local and international artists & musicians;
  • Hosts Gong Master Don Conreaux in Canada and facilitates Gong Trainings for learning how to integrate Gong playing and living.

To book S.A. Bliss for an event or collaboration, contact:


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