Video Samplings of Gong Experiences

Gong Depth. Nov 2018. 1:04-min video with flumies (rubber mallets) to create a oceanic or astral depth experience with Gong. And, a little Wind Gong at the end. Thank you to the talented lo bil for joining me, video-ing, and doing a bit of improvisational work. We spent a rainy afternoon introducing the of sound of the Gong to the movement of lo’s improvisational artistry – more to come in the future.

One Consciousness. 1:48-min video on Vimeo with Gurmukhi chant Ek Ong Kar & the shruti box, then moving into Gong.

Walk a Gong. 1:04-min video on Vimeo walking and stopping time with the Wind Gong. Playful!

The Gong Songs. Video below of the Gong song-ing. It doesn’t sing per se, it songs (as a verb). It songs differently in each space, depending on many factors – acoustics, people, weather. It plays to the context and songs differently every time.

Improvised Gong, Drum, and Dance. October 2018. In Canada, I rarely have the chance to pick up the drum as we have great drummers in Toronto. I’m usually with the Gongs. This was a special treat for me to drum for a improvisational dancer in Shanghai, China.

All-Night Gong. October 2018. In Shanghai, our Gong group held an All-Night Gong from 10pm to 6am. It is kind of a sleep/not-sleep experience. Each person plays a certain amount of time for a shift. Guests bring their sleeping gear and are bathed/immersed in Sound all night. The All-Night Puja (prayer) is Peace for Humanity.


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