India 2019

Holistic Resonance Yatra & Gong Consciousness in INDIA

Celebration & Training

Don Conreaux’s 50th Year of Gonging 

October 10th – 20th, 2019

Join Gong Master Don Conreaux on this epic Gong journey to explore the Golden Temple, stay at Yogi Bhajan’s estate in Anandpur Sahib, and explore Gong Consciousness.

Our Schedule:

Oct 10 – meet in Amritsar
Oct 11-12 – (Note: if you are already in India, you may alternatively join us on Oct 13. Please email to arrange your meet-up with the group.)

  • Experience 2 full days, 3 nights, in Amritsar: Visit the Golden Temple.
  • Explore, shop, & get over jet lag before going to Yogi Bhajan’s estate for Gong Training.
  • There will be yoga, meditations, Gong baths for these two days – led by guest teachers.
  • Don will stay with us in Amritsar, go to the Golden Temple, & perhaps other places on his wish list.
  • The Gong Training with Don Conreaux officially starts on Oct 13, when we journey together from Amritsar to Anandpur Sahib.

Oct 13

  • Holistic Resonance Yatra with Don Conreaux begins.
  • Travel by ground transportation from Amritsar to Yogi Bhajan’s estate home in Anandpur Sahib.
  • Lunch along the way at an excellent restaurant, Haveli.
  • Arrive and get settled at Yogi Bhajan’s estate.
  • Evening Gong Bath.

Oct 14-19 – SIX-DAY GONG CONSCIOUSNESS TRAINING with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux at Yogi Bhajan’s estate property (with optional excursions such as visiting a nearby Sikh Gurdwara or small local traditional Khadi cloth shop).

*Price (in Canadian dollars) includes:

  • 3 nights accommodations, home-cooked meals, meditation and Gong baths at a gated guesthouse in Amritsar.
  • 7 nights accommodations, meals, and Gong Consciousness Training with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux.
  • 6 full days of Gong Training with Don Conreaux in Anandpur Sahib at Yogi Bhajan’s estate.
  • Gong meditations, Kundalini yoga meditations, and mindful walks (with guest teachers) (optional evenings).
  • Early morning Aquarian sadhana (with guest teachers) (optional mornings).
  • Ground transportation (private group buses and cars) from Amritsar to Anandpur Sahib and then to Chandigarh for departure.
  • Shared accommodations in Anandpur Sahib at Yogi Bhajan’s estate (2 – 4 people per room with a large bathroom. Let me know if you would like to be on a wait-list for a private room).
  • Gonging individually & in groups.
  • Gonging for healing the land (around the large property line of Yogi Bhajan’s estate).
  • Learn about Gonging for Humanity.
  • Topics of Learning: The Way of Gong Consciousness; Blossoming into Tone, Gong Bath Awareness and Dream Consciousness, Cosmic Science of the Gong, Science of Genetic Sound, Transvolution, The Vach of the World, Shruti Songs and Spiritual Free Jazz.
  • Oct 20: ground transportation to Chandigarh for departure. Gong Yatra ends. Your choice to stay in Chandigarh for sightseeing and shopping, continue onto other destinations in India, or depart to your home destination.

*Price (in Canadian dollars) does not include: Indian tourist visa, flights, travel/medical insurance, extra snacks, shopping & personal excursions.

****If you’d like to SAVE YOUR SPOT with a partial deposit, we can send you a Paypal invoice to pay a deposit. Email Stacey Bliss –****

FULL YATRA: Travel & Gong Training with Don in India (10 Nights)

Amritsar (3 nights) & Yogi Bhajan’s Estate (7 nights) & Training with Don in India


**************For Indian Residents Only – Click BELOW***************

Yogi Bhajan’s Estate & Gong Training with Don – Indian Residents Only (7 Nights)


Before INDIA October 2019:

  • It is advised to have had previous Gong Training.
  • Acquire and Bring Your Own Gong (BYOG). A hand-held Gong is fine, or bring a big Gong and stand! As Don teaches, “Have Gong Will Travel”. You could also bring a lighter-weight Gong for hand-held playing, or Tibetan Bowls.
  • Handbooks for the Course: Magnum Opus of the Gong vol I by Don Conreaux (available online) and Magnum Opus of the Gong vol II (will be available for purchase if you require it.)
  • A visitor travel visa – check your country or area for visa in INDIA requirements.

Your organizers/hosts:

SA (Stacey) Bliss from Toronto, Canada & Jocelyn (Japbir) from Shanghai, China


Cancellation Policy: 25% of the payment is retained and the balance, less bank/PayPal fees, is refunded provided the cancellation date is prior to one month to the retreat start date. 50% of the payment is retained and the balance, less bank/PayPal fees, refunded provided with notice up to 14 days prior to retreat. 14 days prior to departure, there are no refunds. If the retreat is cancelled for any reason on the part of the organizer, a full refund, less bank fees, is returned.

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