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“You are a Gong. I am a Gong.” – Gong Master Don Conreaux

Gongs, with their wide range of frequencies, colourful tones and harmonies, are one of the most powerful instruments or sound tools. According to attendees of Gong Baths (also known as sound meditation or sound immersion), benefits of Gong sound include:

  • Deep relaxation, calming the mind and releasing tension
  • Decreased stress and anxiety levels
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased clarity of mind, awareness and insight
  • Enhanced concentration and creativity
  • A sense of physical, emotional, mental well being
  • Increased awareness and appreciation for silence around and in all sounds
  • Deeper connection with energy beyond the finite self

The sounds and vibrations in a Gong immersion lower brainwaves, often inducing a state of deep meditation and relaxation (alpha). Some people may enter an even deeper state, where visions, creative and spiritual awareness and insight are possible too (theta). Some drift deeper into a sleep state (delta), and that’s perfectly fine. Some people snore through a Gong immersion. No problem – part of the Soundscape.

Is Gong for you? Here are some examples of people who incorporate Gong:

  • Creatives allow the Gong to become a guide to enhance creativity and expression.
  • Not-so-Creatives enjoy taking a break from cognitive mind processes in order to rest and relax with Gong soundscapes.
  • Musicians immerse into the flow of sound, enjoying the different layers of overtones of Gong.
  • Therapists, Healers, Yoga Teachers bring their awareness and knowledge to the Gong to deepen the dimensions of exploration and healthy resonance for self, students, and clients.

Resonant Gong


“Total gong sound is truly pure holistic resonance. The experiencer is wrapped in a cocoon or womb that is so charged with powerful wholesome tone that at some point the person seems to disappear completely into the sound field.

This is a phenomena that can be called conscious dematerialization through sensorial sound saturation.”

– Don Conreaux, Magnum Opus of the Gong, Vol I


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