10 Nights of Gong with 10 Research Themes, Regina, SK, Canada

June 17-26, 2021. During the 10 Nights of Gong research talks and gong baths, Stacey worked/played with musicians and artists at the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre as well as at the Art Gallery of Regina. The following musicians and artists collaborated with gong sounds: Rebecca Caines, Dami Egbeyemi, Helen Pridmore, Kathryn Ricketts, Sundance Robson, Tara Semple, and D. Andrew Stewart. These collaborations were in the spirit of the gong teachings and research – improvised with no rehearsal. Pictured below: Stacey with vocalist Helen Pridmore; Tara Semple (flute) and Dami Egbeyemi (crystal bowls) at the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre’s outdoor courtyard, Regina.

Field Testing & Sound Recording, Regina, SK, Canada

September 2020. Along with Dr. Rebecca Caines, from the University of Regina, and John Campbell, sound recording wizard, we tested gong sound at an outdoor site near Wascana Lake, Regina, Canada at Joe Fafard’s sculpture: Le Jardin de L’espirit (Mind’s Garden) (1997). It was a windy day, but the H4N Zoom Recorders did pretty well.

Musical Collaboration & Concert: Guelph, ON, Canada with Dr. James Harley & Reza Yazdanpanah

November 2019. The sounds merging from a trio, playing earthy and etheric instruments. Reza on Iranian tar, setar, and daf, Jim on computer composition, bells, bowls, and whistles, and me on gongs. Sublime time with these 2 artists. As collaborators, we are the Earth and Ether Trio! On December 1, 2019 at Silence in Guelph, we played together for the public and afterward, I held a gong info session.


Organized & Facilitated Gong Training in Punjab, India with Gong Master Don Conreaux

October 2019. In collaboration with Don Conreaux and with help of Lynne Murfin, we hosted a group of international gong students in Punjab India. Don Conreaux is one of the master-teachers in my current research toward a sonic and performative ethnography. Here we are playfullly playing harmonicas. Feeling like kids; lots of laughs. The group had lots of opportunity to learn from Don, play indoors and outdoors under lovely blue skies.

Co-taught classes at Linden & Arc Vitality Institute: Functional Medicine Practice, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

In April-May 2019, I was invited to Dr. Lynne Murfin’s clinic and sanctuary space to set up gongs and teach some gong classes and play with her in the new space. Lynne has a functional medicine practice in Calgary and incorporates multimodalities of care for her patients.

Organized & Co-performed: Concert for Peace & Humanity In Toronto, Ontario, Canada

On Feb 9, 2019. At College Street United Church in Toronto, Canada, 140 people gathered to take in the vibration of gongs and the music of the tabla & hang, the oboe, and Don Conreaux’s shruti songs (songs and poems of revelation). The collaboration was an improvised Concert for Peace & Humanity with talented local musicians including Gurpreet Chana, Derrick Tu, Barb McIntosh, Laurie Giller, as well as performance artist, lo bil. We met together for 2 hours before the start of the Concert to rehearse for Peace and allow the sounds to unfold in ‘deep listening’ (Oliveros, 2015) style of collaboration.

Gong Residency in Shanghai, China

Sept 2018. While I was in Shanghai, China at Don Conreaux’s 10-Day Gong Training as an artist-researcher resident, I was invited to play the drum for zen dancers. It was my first time playing the drum and the host of the event graciously offered her drum. The 10 days were improvised sessions to explore the sounds of gong with other instruments, like the drum, as well as performance. The students and artists in Shanghai were inspirational.

Organized and Co-hosted Gong Master Don’s Conreaux’s First Canadian Training, Toronto, ON, Canada

Aug 31-Sept 2, 2018. In collaboration with Anni Keshishian, Gong Sound Space organized and hosted Don’s first Gong Training in Canada in Toronto – exciting! New and seasoned gong students came from Vancouver, California, Illinois, New York, and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) to learn the philosophy and practice of gong – The Art of Gong.

Have Gong Will Travel: Outdoor Sound Installations, Canada/USA

2018-2019. For a year, I travelled with a 22″ wind gong and performed on the Columbia Icefield in Alberta, along lakes in BC, on ViaRail train platforms in Ontario, and in the water/on the beach near Boston, USA.

Playing for a World Record in London, UK

Gonging with 194 International Gongers. At the end of August, I went to London for a massive event. 194 Gongers from around the world gathered for the Guinness World Record – the most gongs playing a synchronized composition. It was an immense experience to be with so many gongs and players in one room. I was the only Canadian in the room, and made friends with folks from South American countries, China, and the US. And, met ‘old’ gonging friends from Croatia – a small gonging world.


Yatra to Northern India

Apr 2018. As part of my PhD dissertation research, I travelled to India. The first 10 days, I joined a group of Canadians led by Joy – Jaipreet Chandna. We began our yatra (spititual journey) in Amritsar and visited the The Golden Temple daily while we were there.

We continued our journey and visited Ananpur Sahib and then went to Dharmasala, the home of the Dalai Lama. A beautiful research surprise: The Dalai Lama moved his Mind & Life: Reimagining Human Flourishing conference to the Temple instead of holding it at his home for his invited guests of scholars and educators. Call it luck, coincidence, or synchronicity. Our group was able to attend the conference.

After our yatra, the Canadian group dispersed and I stayed in India to continue conducting my dissertation research with yogis, querying yoga as a social, life practice off of the mat, outside of the studio. In India, yoga is life. The streets are one giant yoga mat to work one’s practice and live daily life. Intense, wild, unpredictable, ugly, beautiful – all of it.

Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance Training, New York, NY, USA

Jan 2018, NYC. The Gong Yoga Training in New York and learning from Gong Master Don Conreaux was a turning point for me and my conceptualization and practice with gong. I learned about the shruti box and listened to Don use his voice as a gong to sing his shruti songs. More research began into gong masters and their culture as ‘extra-curricular’ to my dissertation project. Post-doc inspiration!

Don in NYC

Dissertation Fieldwork in and around Santiago, Chile

Sept 2017-Dec 2017. After spending the academic year 2016-2017 writing my proposal for my dissertation project, I was ready to fly to Santiago. I spent 6 weeks with yogis in Santiago studios, rehab centres, and a domestic shelter for women. Also, as part of my ethnographic research, I attended a 10-day special yogic program designed for moving beyond addictions – yoga for recovery. Here we are along the road to the first day of the 10-day course.

Research Chile